Monday, January 18, 2010

Week 3 Meal Plan

I saw a picture of Rhianna on her yacht, enjoying a corona and I thought to myself- if she can have a drink every once in a while, then gosh dammit I can too! It got me thinking about how rigid I have become with my nutrition, and further- has it got me where I want to be? Is it helping me live a better life, or is it hindering my spontaneous, fun-loving spirit? I think I need to ease up a bit and enjoy life (and that means food too!)

Meals This Week:
1. Egg white and mushroom/spinach omelet, green tea
2. 1/4 + 1/8 c oats (measured dry) with blueberries (livin' a little!)
3. 2/3c beans and rice with roasted vegetables
4. 6oz (a medium ziploc container) organic carrot sticks
5. Big green salad with half an avocado and roasted vegetables
Post-Workout: 1/2 serving Vega (non-flavoured)
Still having lots of water- so good for mind, hair, skin etc.

How do you push the edges of rigidity? Does it make you feel free, or guilty?

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