Tuesday, August 5, 2008


So far a good way to begin a shortened week- I hope all Canadians enjoyed a wonderful long weekend this weekend.

5 km, 30 min in AM
Back/Shoulders split weight training
15 min 4.0 speed, 7.0 incline treadmill walking.

I am encouraged this week; my meal plan is changing again to trick my metabolism into working- thanks again to my brilliant nutritionist who keeps the surprises coming. I don' t know how I could do this without him- I honestly would have no clue what is going on with my recovery if he wasn't counselling me so well.

A point of interest: Tosca Reno is coming out of fitness competition retirement. I read this with mixed emotions. I admire Tosca for making health and fitness so appealing to every person, especially to busy women who have tried every unhealthy dieting fad that is out there. She lectures clean eating and an active lifestyle to maintain your health and vitality for your lifetime. So when she announced that she would be competing in a master's fitness competition, I was proud and very excited for her- she is gorgeous and will do well. But I also thought about the mixed message her followers may be getting. A competition diet is not healthy, and the training can be too intense- your body goes through the ringer while prepping for a contest. It is unrealistic to follow her competition diet and training regime and maintain the healthy lifestyle she advocates. So while she takes this meaningful, rewarding journey, I hope her readers understand the irony of it all.

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