Monday, August 11, 2008

The Importance of Goal Setting

Pounding the pavement for 12k yesterday put my legs into a crying state; a good stretch after helped a little but I'll be certain to take 1tsp of glutamine after my workouts and at bedtime to help the muscle and joint repair. Mondays I usually drive right into my training, start the week off hard and set a standard for the rest of the week- train hard and rest on the weekend. But I realized yesterday that it didn't make sense to rush into training today- my lower body needs a recovery. So instead of setting the goal to set the high standard of hard training during weekdays, today my goal my to simply relax. To bring to conciousness the importance of recovery and breathing. Tensions from work and grad school, in combination of the constant anxiety about dieting and training made me a little vibrating generator of nerves this morning. So to combat the stress, I wrote in the goal section of my training log one word: Relax.
Each day I set a mini-goal to achieve- whether it be a time on a run, a distance or reps on a final set. Some days it is to stay out of that damned peanut butter jar. Today's goal was just as important to my health as any other. When I saw the word, Relax, written on the top of my page as I trained bis/tris/chest today (no cardio at all!) I calmed my breathing, concentrated on the contraction and release of my muscles as I lifted and got an increadible mind-muscle connection out of my workout.
Now, as I sit in front of my desk, strewn with marketing proofs, proposal deadlines and watch the voicemail in my telephones inbox pile up as I deal with it all my goal for the day remains in the forefront. Breathe, and relax.
It's nice to achieve a little something everyday, on the way towards larger goals I have set for myself. Make one for yourself today- and complete it. Simple. Rewarding.

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