Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Homemade GF Protein Bars

Home-made (GF) Protein Bars (makes 8)
modified from MagicPunt on Bodybuilding.com's Protein Bar Recipe Forum- Cred dude!
8 scoops of your favorite protein powder (I used Optimum Whey, Vanilla Ice Cream)
3 cups GF oats
1 package (4 serving) fat free, sugar free Jello pudding (your favorite flavor to compliment the protein powder, I used butterscotch)
1.5 cups milk (more or less to determine consistency of the bar)
Spray an 8x8 baking dish with your fave non-stick method (Pam, oil etc.) Scoop mixture into dish, bake at 200F for 60min. You can refrigerate them instead of baking them, but they don't hold up in bar form that way unless very cold. Baking them dries them for greater portability. The texture is not as chewy/hard as packaged bars, they are more similar to a chewy oatmeal cookie rather than a bar. I would try using a cookie sheet instead of a dish next time, for a flatter bar. Cooking time would then decrease, almost in half I would imagine.
The macros for these, according to the forum are: 3g fat 28g carbs 29g protein 257 calories I made these for our recent waterskiing trip. The beach is the worst place for proper nutrition unless you are totally prepared. I made these days ahead of time, and threw them in the cooler frozen. They kept well in my beach bag while I lounged reading Stephanie Meyers' Twighlight saga. They are a meal replacement, not a snack- and should only be used when good, wholesome foods are not available. In addition to these, I packed bottled water to the beach and plenty of fresh vegetables- I do prefer the crunch of a fresh garden carrot to an oily potatoe chip-truly. So my diet was clean on this trip. My family is even beginning to accept my 'different' eating patterns and habits and didn't put up a fuss when I ate my oatmeal for breakfast rather than the bacon, eggs, hasbrowns spread they enjoyed.
The trip was astounding- how rejuvenating to get back to nature and enjoy my family and friends- not to mention being pulled behind a speedboat or racing on the Seadoo (hey-it can beat most boats on the water). Nothing suits me better than my wetsuit, matching lifejacket and ski gloves. I hid behind big sweaters and shorts on the beach when I was out of my ski gear- still not confident in myself at all. Bad BAD body image...but no fear- I have a plan of action towards a postive end- more on that later.

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