Monday, August 18, 2008


Well, normally weeks lay ahead of me with promise- every day is mapped out to include what I'll eat, when I'll eat it, how much it will be (weighed and portioned of course) and what training I will do each day. As I sat before my planner this morning, trying to create my weekly plan I felt like my heart wasn't into it. I'm not seeing the results I would like, my body is tired and aching and now injured. What good is it all? Why am I so involved in my meal plan and training? I really don't know what I'm getting out of it except frustration and a knock to the self-confidence. How can I be doing 50min cardio/day plus weight training, eating healthy and gaining weight? My nutritionist alluded that I must be eating more than I'm burning in order to be gaining weight- and I am hurt. I am sticking to the meal plan and certainly not ingesting enough calories to warrant a weight gain by eating. F*(&.
After hauling furniture into my Grandparents' new home this weekend, and running my 14k on Sunday, my body is seized up like the Tin Man without his oil can. I can't move my neck or twist my torso. My knees are aching each step I take and I can't carry weight heavier than my keys in my right hand (or type too long) without having it send a shooting pain into my neck and back. There is no strength in it's grip- I can't carry a darn thing.
So what to do? I'm at a choice point- carry on with my training although it will hurt like grinding gears, or rest and risk the feared weight gain?

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