Thursday, August 28, 2008

Happiness is not a Fish you can catch

Maybe I'm aging myself by admitting how much I love the title of that song by Our Lady Peace.
In my morning trolling, I came across an article about FUN. How great to have something other than the latest gang bust or traffic accident begin my day. Dr. Mercola's feature talks specifically about the importance of creating play time in a married relationship, but I would like to extend that idea further- into every relationship you are a part of. There is no relationship that would not benefit from laughter, joy and excitement.
When I read this, I thought about the last time I had actually hunted for fun- when was the last time I put action to my lust for a good time? In my recent memory, I hadn't actually actively sought a new fun experience for me and my partner to try. The last time I threw a mocktail party at work to diffuse the pressure of the workplace was months ago. I have not been scheduling enough play time in my life. Have you?
Like your 'to do' list today-must work out, cook dinner, get mail, finish project, make phone call- you and I must put action into effecting an outcome of fun. I'm going to start a Jade's Fun Day at home and at work, once a month each. Each month I'll research something new to try, something my partner and I can learn and play in together. I think it will be great to surprise him once a month with a new activity- paintballing, hiking, biking, cooking lessons etc. And I'll do the same with my colleagues at work- research and plan an activity- even if it's bowling down the aisles between offices for 20 min, or bringing my clubs to work to putt around.
If you're thinking-I don't have time for that- what do you have time for? You have time for a grocery list, but not to smile with your friends and family? If you're thinking- what could I get out of it? Check your balance- is your life whole? Do you feel fullfilled, joyous and 'into' it? Try scheduling some fun and you'll see it's an investment worth making.
"Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions." Dalai Lama


Anonymous said...

Jade - I used to teach Stress mgmt and one of the things we always talked about was "being a kid again" when's the last time you eat a bowl of Cherrio's or some kid like cereal. Well, we are all into counting everything so I guess that's out of the questions.

Last week I bought "Kids bubble gum toothpaste" - for ME !!!! Why can't I
get a little enjoyment or a "spark" when I brush my teeth, 5 min of fun, I'll take it!!!

Thanks for blogging!!!

Fuyo Watanabe said...

Hey Jade, I love your blog. I must admit I was first attracted by the PB Cake recipes... they looked soooo tasty. But i've enjoyed perusing your other posts as well, and especially agree w/ this one about making time for fun!! I think a lot of people would benefit from having some fun injected back into their lives. I mean really is everything else so important that you can't stop to laugh?

Again - great blog... and keep those yummy recipes coming!