Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Awakening

I just had to laugh, google images for 'awakening' all came up with zombie pictures...thought it was funny we're all a bunch of zombies coming out of the Canadian winter...pasty white, hungry and restless. Image from:
That's how I am feeling. Yesterday I didn't get my butt out of bed for an am sweat session and hurt for it during the day- depressed, sad, melancholy and self-pity. Today, a 530am 20 min HIIT session followed by sun salutations lifted my spirits rightly for the morning and I know today will be higher energy and better attitude for it.
My body is awakening to the spring, naturally getting up earlier and wanting to stay up later. It's also craving for movement. Slower yoga strength is what my body longed for during the dark, dreary winter months, but now that the sun is shining I can barely contain myself...sometimes literally bouncing in place because I need to move! My meals are also changing...stay tuned for a summary of each later this week.
My workouts will show you how I adjusted to give me what I want. What changes are you making now that the sun has come to Canada?

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