Friday, March 12, 2010

Training: Post Vacation

As I said, it's back to normal this week. Even a little light because I'm battling heavy headaches this week-don't know what that is about. Must be air pressure because my nutrition has been spot on since returning from a week long vacation.
Monday: recovery from 12 hour airport to airport trip-OFF to sleep!
Tuesday: 30 Min Baptiste Vinyasa Power Flow 3 from, 50 min spin class
Wednesday: OFF- migraine (WTF? Haven't had one in months!)
Thursday: 30 min cardio (treadmill)
Friday: 30 min Hip Opening Vinyasa from, 30 min elliptical hills
Saturday(plan): 45 min Workout video (Women's Health Ultimate Fat Burn dvd)
Sunday(plan): 45min cardio (treadmill or jog outside)

We are out of town again this weekend, beginning tomorrow morning; whatever workouts I get in will be great to help me feel up to the challenge of traveling.

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