Friday, May 16, 2008


My legs have been sore since Wednesday; switching up training routines sure affects muscles differently. I am not sure what camp I'm in; there are trainers that say 'keep your body guessing' and change your training up every 4-6 weeks and there are others that say 'don't throw any curveballs' and stay as steady as possible- doing the same routine year round. I get too bored too quickly, so I think I will keep the daily split for a while, but change up the sets/reps and in 2 weeks, change up the exercises. I will remain the same for cardio because it is my threshold for clarity during the day- must do 60 min 6 days a week to remain clear-headed.
Training: 3-4 exercises, 4 sets, 18-12 reps. Perform last set with lightest weight to failure (even if I have to pump out 25 reps, the last one is as many as I can, very fast). 10-30s rest between sets. Combination free weights and machines.
Monday: Legs (except this week when I was doing a cleanse- more on that in another post later)
Tuesday: Chest
Wednesday: Back
Thursday: Arms
Friday: Shoulders
I have not done calves because they are so sore from cardio and I am considering not doing them at all- will see if I train them hard enough during cardio.
Sunday: 5k run with Running Room or if alone, 10k run
Monday/Wednesday/Friday: 3-5k steady jog before breakfast and 30 min incline walk at brisk pace after weight training
Tuesday/Thursday: 60min brisk walk before breakfast and 30 min incline walk at brisk pace after weight training
Half marathon training schedule is for Mon/Wed/Fri/Sun jogs before breakfast- it says not to run on two consecutive days but I can't not get outside on Tues/Thurs so I've incorporated a hard walk into it (walking is not running right?). I just didn't find the half-marathon training schedule enough for me.

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