Friday, May 16, 2008

Clean Eating on the Long Weekend

This weekend poses many challenges to eating clean. 1. It's a hot long weekend- being leisurely around the house, and with time for friends I may end up on a patio in front of a menu of fine beer 2. Belated Mother's Day Luncheon- planned a nice lunch out with my Mum and Sister. But I think I'm going to be ok here. I've looked up the nutritional information for the items on the menu I think I might like to help me choose ahead of time. Most lunch/dinner salads at Earls have over 1000 calories! My daily calorie intake is only 2000! Salads are decieving. I could order a burger for 710 calories! If I go for a salad, it will be with vinagrette on the side, no cheese, no dried fruit, no nuts, no tortillas/noodles, no side of bread. More or less, grilled (not fried or breaded) chicken breast (just one! For goodness sakes, one salad came with 2!) on greens. Look up the menu ahead of time if you're going out, check to see if the nutritional information is online as well, it helps make a smart decision rather than a hungry one when looking at the tempting menu. 3. Parfait Party at my place tonight- planned a casual get-together with some people I wanted to thank for being in my life. We got the same parfait dish from Pampered Chef at a party in February; so we're all making a different parfait. One will be an entree parfait (think layered taco salad type), one will be a vegetable salad and one will of course, be a dessert parfait (think tiramisu!). I'll get a picture and post it. I'm treating this as my cheat meal this weekend. Already have the wine chilling. I also plan to have light cool whip and jello on hand in case the temptation for sweets while hanging around the house will be too great. I'll make light, sugar free jello and top it with the light cool whip. Not the decadent peanut butter brownies I wanted to indulge in this weekend.

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