Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Training in Prep for Mexico

The long weekend included two indulgences outside my treat meal (parfait party) on friday night. The Levain cookie failures from my last post, and about 6 fries. Those 6 fries ruined my sleep last night; eating junk like that affects me to the core. I physically react to it and I wonder how many other people do too, but pass it off as being 'tired' or 'lacking energy' when their body is really just trying to cope with digesting the junk you've just put in it. Anyway, my resolve to eat clean has been strengthened and I hope to get some sleep tonight.
Over the weekend, I weighed-in with myself. I intend to do so as it was a pattern to weigh-in with my trainer every Saturday when in prep for the fitness competition. It's not obsessive to do it once a week, and I only do it to monitor and stay at my healthy weight. Well, I weighed-in at more than I ever have in my entire life! More than 5lbs over my heaviest weight. I was at my heaviest when I was living with a room mate who enjoyed a lifestyle very different from my current lifestyle. I got to eat ice cream, chips, and cookies every day and did no exercise at all- and now, working out twice a day and eating clean i weight more than I did then? Inconveivable!
It's due to my muslce mass gain from the competition- I have switched up my weight training to focus more on maintenance rather than building muscle. This week I even upped my cardio to 90 min a day to lean out for Mexico.
The scale does not determine the level of health, but it does let me know what I should tweak to get what I want from my phsysique. Right now it's leaning out, losing some fat and some of the muscle bulk I've gained.
So onward I press this week, focusing on high reps, low weights and lots of cardio. I have dropped a carb meal as well, only temporarily, as this degree of low-carb is not healthy. I will eat clean in Mexico- I don't want to 'diet' when I get back, nor do I want to continue this schedule of cardio to 'make-up' for indulgences that will affect me like the fried did, and counteract all the healthy activity I'm doing right now.

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