Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Training Summary

0900-0915am 15 min Incline treadmill walk 4.0 speed, 7.0 incline
0915-0945am Chest/Back weight training- high reps, 4 sets, 10-30 sec rest intervals
0945-1015am 30min Incline treadmill walk 3.9 speed, 7.0 incline

  • Tuesday was a total day off- no cardio, no gym. It was good for my body. Not sure when I'll take a break again-Definitely when I do my IsaCleanse (when all I eat is some kinda Isa-juice, almonds and an apple all day- will keep you posted on that experience when I try it)
  • Did not get up for my morning run this morning...why? I cannot tell you, I'm still puzzled myself- normally I'm psyched for my morning run; I felt groggy and unsmart this morning as a result. Tomorrow I will get out of bed at 5am and do 2 laps around my Blvd (30min jog with hills).
  • 15 min to begin the workout was my attempt at a warm-up and getting a little extra cardio in. Anyone who trains- do you warm up on a treadmill/cardio machine before you lift? I do a warm-up set on weights but am only just starting to do a quick cardio stint before to warm up. Thoughts?
  • Sum to 45min cardio total today- down from the 50-60min I was doing earlier this week and last week.
  • Chest/Back: normally I train these on separate days, but because I was away from the gym yesterday I modified a program to get both done in one day- I will be able to train each muscle group this week that way.
  • 10-30 sec rest intervals: trying to keep my heart rate up and maintain muscle mass, not gain. I keep my weights light, do 4 sets and max at 12-15 reps on my last set. I will drop weight if I need to. 10 second intervals between sets if I choose to make one set a rest/pause set. 30 second rest interval if I choose to make it a normal set.

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