Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Egg Whites and Oatmeal

Oatmeal Pancakes (serves 1)
6 egg whites (12T egg white substitute- not flavoured)
1/2c dry slow-cooking (also known as steel-cut or scottish oats)
Cinnamon to taste

Mix oats and cinnamon together in a bowl. In a separate bowl, wisk egg whites until just bubbly. Add oats to the eggs.

Spoon into three cakes in a hot frying pan. The eggs will run all over the pan as you can see, but as long as the oats are divided into three, you can mold the egg whites around the oats when they get firmer.

Separate the cakes from one another using your flipper and pushing and folding the egg whites around each oat pile. Flip when browned on one side. Brown on the other side.

I eat mine with splenda and lemon juice poured over, or I spread sugar-free jam (only a tsp each cake) or honey on them. At this point, it's your choice. You have a healthy pancake, so don't go ruining it by smothering it with Aunt J or sugary jams/fruit spreads.

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Lesley said...

Thanks for this! Sometimes it's hard to know what to do with the healthy ingrediants. While oatmeal is no problem for me, I find the egg whites challenging to make appealing.

A question for you: How do you portion for your husband vs. yourself for meals? Do you change the food itself or just the portion?