Sunday, May 4, 2008

New Blog

The purpose of this blog will be to document healthy food recipes (and some not so healthy) and any health and fitness musings I have in my head. Hopefully it will become more of a collaboration between me and you- sharing recipes and tips and tricks.
A week after my first fitness competition I weigh in at exactly what I did 16weeks before the competition- that's right folks, that means I gained 19lbs since last week Saturday. What took me 16 weeks of hard dieting and training I gained back in 6 days. Just goes to show how hard it is to have an ideal body, and how aggressive the dieting was in the end as most of the loss happend 1 week from the competition with the loss of most body fluids. So take heart, being bikini-super all the time is impossible. What one can do is stick to a healthy meal plan, enjoy their time spent with friends and family.
I focused on friends and family this week, going out with a good friend (holla M!) on Friday night for a good old hamburger and fries, even had a pint. Then as luck would have it, I got to go to another pub Sat night and split an appy platter with my partner (and yes, had another pint). I haven't indulged like that since I was in Uni (years ago) so it was an anomoly and I won't do it again. Post-competition I have to make up for all the times both my friend and my husband had to forgoe a night at the pub because I couldn't eat or drink. Cheers mates! Now let's focus on a healthy, balanced lifestyle to come.
This morning had a fab jog with another friend at a free Running Room clinic. (Holla H!). Met some brilliant people and enjoyed the sunshine and fitness. What a good way to begin this week. I've prepped all my meals for the week, and planned each day around some things I can't avoid, like two business luncheon and one business supper. Eating out does not have to sabatoge a healthy meal plan. Ordering a grilled chicken salad will be great (and don't restaurants do a bang-up job on salads anyway?) for all occasions- making sure that the chicken is grilled with no sauce and that the salad isn't sugared up with dried fruit, cheeses etc. Don't forget to have a small serving of carbs (1/2 cup) with lunches- carbs help digest protein and you'll gain (yes GAIN) weight if you don't have some.
Well, I'll post pictures of my meat muffins that I'm having as a meal this week with a recipe tomorrow.
Happy Sunday!


hellien said...

Hi Jade, glad you are continuing with your blog - I like to hear what you are up to and I hope to learn a lot from you about nutrition/exercise. I bought myself an elliptical a couple years ago - I love it because I can get exercise at home - but it's not for everyone. Looking forward to hearing more recipes! Helen :)

Lise said...

Hello my good friend! Amazing how our bodies go back to what they know and what they like. Were we ever fat? No, we were at the extreme lean. Hard work, dedication and lack of carbs as we struggled through the 16 weeks that ended with a sodium deplete, water dehydration and potassium load. My caffeine headaches are great right now. Looking forward to the cleanse to clear out toxins. Happy in my 160 lb. body! It was an adventure and one that I am so glad I went through with you! Peace. Lisa :)