Monday, June 15, 2009

Full Body 2

Today's image from: Ask A Fitness Expert: How Do I Get Rid of Arm Fat?

Second week on my new total-body program instead of a split-body program and I'm feeling energized and strong. I love feeling the way my legs move as I'm walking now- I used to shut out the mind-body connection when I was outside the gym beacuse I HATED my body so much. I'm coming around.
So last week was three rounds of full body 1 on alternate days (tues/thurs/sat) and cardio on alternate days (30 min walk mon/30 min walk wed/60 min walk fri).
This week I'm into phase 2 of the program designed by Pam Mazzuca, Bsc. CAT(C) out of my Oxygen Magazine. Here it is:

Total Body 2 (25 minutes) Do each of these in succession (perform one set of each, one after the other) and repeat the entire giant circuit three times.
Dumbbell Bench Press
Incline Dumbbell Row
Plie Squat
Lateral Raise
Triceps Kickback

Got my heartrate up and I really enjoyed a new routine this week. Mixing it up weekly has been keeping me engaged and excited. I hope to continue this good feeling. In fact, I've realized that in the past month, I've been working out to manage stress and anxiety and to feel better on the inside. This is different motivation than I had since January 2008 when I was working out soley for the purpose of external benefits. Could I be back in the saddle?

Missed the first week?
What's coming next week?
Wanna see the entire program?

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