Thursday, July 16, 2009

Full Body 3

Image from Fitness Vancouver
The third piece of the 4 part puzzle that I've been putting together over the last 6 weeks or so. This is the third of three full body workouts that combine for one awesome strength-building, fat-burning program. This is a perfect workout for a woman who is short on time, but loves banging out a hard session when she can. The calorie-burning benefit of a total body workout, combined with the strength-building repetitions makes this a sure thing for seeing changes in your physique.
Perform three sets, with repetitions between 12-15 of each exercise one after another. Complete the entire program three times. It should take you approximately 25-30mins. Complete this three times a week, with cardio on alternate days.
Full Body Three modified from Pam Mazzuca's, Bsc. CAT(C) program in Oxygen Magazine.
Incline Fly
One-arm Row
Reverse Lunge
Front Raise
Triceps Dip
An excellent program, to round out the exercises in Full Body One and Full Body Two which I've done for the last weeks.
Onto putting it all together in the 1,2,3 week! See the next post for the last installment of this full body program series.

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