Monday, November 3, 2008

Pumpkin Surprise Muffins

I got a pumpkin this year, from Planet Organic, and named him Brewster. For those of you who were a wild child of the 80's you totally get Pumpkin Brewster. Anyway, Brewster will be made into soup but his cousin Peter came in a can and was made into these cream-cheese filled gluten free pumpkin muffins. I used Gluten Free Bay's recipe for the muffin, and simply whipped one 8oz package of cream cheese with 1 egg, 1/2c sugar and 1tsp vanilla for the inner cream filling. To fill muffins easily with cream cheese, put the mixture into a ziploc bag, cut the bottom corner of the bag and get ready for some fillin. Spoon the muffin cups 1/2 full of batter, then squeeze some cream mixture out of the bag into the middle of the batter, and fill the muffin cups to the top with more batter.
I wouldn't use this recipe again, or perhaps I wouldn't take them on a 5 hour drive, store them in the freezing cold weather outside on the porch in a not-so-air-tight cupcake taker for an evening and day before serving them for dessert. They were, of course, rather dry by that time.
What are you doing with your pumpkin? How did those Jack-o-lantern's turn out?
I have a super duper gluten free pumpkin chocolate chip cookie recipe on it's way.
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