Saturday, November 22, 2008

I'm feelin good- How are you?

I had the limitless pleasure of attending one of Julio Olalla's speaking engagements a few weeks ago. Check him out on utube:

One of the features of his session which struck me were his comments on assessments. He posed the question "How much of your time is taken up with assessing? Assessing him, her, you, me?" And it got me thinking- I've actually got to spend some time with Jullio one-on-one and he has incredible mental capacity, intelligence and stamina. One reason why he can speak so eloquently, and think so creatively is that he has freed himself of the mental habit of assessments.
How much more space would you have in your mind if you eliminated the thoughts on how thin/fat, pretty/ugly, stupid/smart, incompetent/capable you or others were? Even silly ones like judging the color of that women's coat or his shoes unnecessarily limits your capacity for brilliant, intelligence and purposeful thinking.
Since his session I have caught my assessment thoughts more easily- but stopping them is an ongoing labour. I do guarantee you that even the awareness of each thought judging others or yourself will enable you to free yourself from them. So begin right can start by stop assessing this post. :)
Enjoy your day, your afternoon, evening...your life!

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