Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Write your Personal Philosophy for Fitness

I read in this month's Oxygen magazine that Maggie Duibaldo always has her personal training clients write their own personal philosophy on fitness before they begin a program. That's her on the cover of Oxygen magazine (left). She has long been my favorite fitness model, because she has style, and has been a consistent advocate for a healthy, fit lifestyle. I've also heard anecdotes from competitors who have competed against her in fitness shows; she is apparently always ready to lend a helping hand with pinning suits and offer an encouraging smile backstage.
The importance of setting a personal philosophy on your health relates to how you know where you're going- and when you get there- or fall from it. Set one that fits with your current goals, or outlook on health and wellness and DON'T use quantities in it at all. I mean it- don't set a lbs/kg's to lose/gain. Don't set a distance/speed objective or a #times/week in the gym goal. Instead create one that encompasses your entire outlook on why you aim to be healthy and well.
Start by getting a blank piece of paper and writing down all the things that come to mind when you think about your health. Why you do it, what are you aiming for (could be a number at this point), how nutrition factors into it, and what good will this do for you? Are you staving off the genetics in your family of heart disease or cancer? Are you looking for confidence in (or out of) your clothes (yes I've seen goals like- look good when I party naked!). Then once you have it all out there in front of you, pick out the overall feeling from looking at that list- what is your true objective? It could be more energy to interact with your kids/family, or more confidence in the workplace knowing I feel healthy (not look good- goals attributed to appearance are shallow and don't have staying power- they can also be a source of low self-esteem).
So that being said, I'll share my new Philosophy on Being Well. I call it this instead of Philosophy of Fitness because my goals center around creating a balance between fitness and nutrition and my life. Name it appropriately for your overall view of your roadmap to healthy living.
Jade's Philosophy for Being Well: To serve others as the most peaceful, pure and active person I can be.
How have my recent decisions reflected this philosophy? I enrolled today in 3 different fitness classes for fall: A cardio salsa class, a pilates class and a yoga class. These, in combination with my regular cardio sessions and weight training, will create a balanced, fun program- with more social opportunities. Totally outside of my comfort zone, training with other people will keep me accountable so I don't overtrain, and so I begin to make fitness-minded friends like myself.
What is your philosophy? And what actions are you putting into practice to demonstrate your commitment to living it each day?

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