Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Quiet, still, unassuming...peaceful.
Naropa University- quite picturesque isn't it? Small, perhaps, but what is going on inside those brick walls is big...really big.
For so long, education has existed within the plane of assessments, attendance records, desks facing an instructor, and more recently in history- death by power point.
Using a foundation of Contemplative Education, Naropa embodies an enlightened path to learning. Contemplative education is learning, alongside awareness. If you are interested in an undergraduate, or graduate degree programs take a look at this University in Boulder Colorado. Based on Buddhist practices, any student would find this style of personal or professional advancement glaringly different from the education system in place that is failing students every day. I know I'll complete a program there- it's too bad I missed their session " A Conversation with Danny Glover" when he attended it in April 2008.
Too often I find myself restricting...myself...to learning in the classical sense- acquiring knowledge for the sake of 'keeping' it. What good is that? There is no test to take. It's as senseless as acquiring 'things' for the sheer purpose of having them. Learning can exist so far beyond the content/skill/ability levels. Think about it, and you will know what I am talking about.

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