Monday, October 12, 2009

Weekday Vegetarian

TreeHugger is a great site, I've got them updating me on Twitter on their articles around sustainability, eco-conservation action and otherwise greeny stuff.
A week ago they 'tweeted' that this article was posted- Try a Weekday Vegetarian Diet: Eat Green Food Without Taking the Plunge.
The concept of eating a Vegetarian meal schedule during the weekdays, and only eating meat on the weekends has been flirting with me ever since. Really, it's been like that hot guy you noticed (before you were married) out of the corner of your eye, looking and smiling at you, but you just can't look him in the eye. I thought on it, then mentioned it to my husband (who could sustain himself on steak alone and be blissful), and even questioned my sister-in-law about introducing meat into my nephews diet (he's only 6 months old and his parents eat meat, of course they will eventually).
Well, no sense thinking about it if I don't flirt back; so it's Monday, and I've made a conscious effort not to eat meat today. Here's what a weekday could (and might, if I continue working it) look like:
Breakfast: 6 egg whites, spinach, tomato and a bowl of oatmeal
Mid-morning meal: 3/4c kidney beans and rice, and steamed vegetables
Lunch (normally my post-workout): 1 Vega shake
Mid-afternoon meal: raw vegetables
Supper: steamed vegetables, and a salad or vegetable soup
Hmmmm...I'm going to play with this possibility.
For more on Weekday Vegetarianism, and it's benefits for Mother Earth, check out Shannon and Parsnip Spaceship's blog.

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LKD said...

Hey there. Funny you should write this. I've been meaning to ask you for your thoughts on meat and babies ever since you asked me our intentions. To be honest I hadn't put a lot of thought into it - just assumed he would eat as we do. Perhaps there is a better approach for him and us?