Monday, October 5, 2009

Best-laid Plans: Sugar Free Intention

Hm. I give myself an F. Not for Failure, but for Flexibility. I flew to Vancouver for the weekend on an impromptu weekend getaway. And my sugar-free intention was set aside without guilt or punishment. The truth is, that the more I thought about my '18 day' commitment, the more I felt constrained, anxious and over-driven toward it. And these feelings are so conducive to resurrecting an old disordered eating and over-exercising habit.
I'm not eating sugar today. And I won't eat sugar tomorrow, or the next day. I feel a slight nagging that I dropped a commitment, but really, I think I've formed a new one. One I'm much more proud of, and can see myself following indefinitely.
I choose to eat a clean, healthy diet, which does not include sugar, sugar-alternatives or sugar-replacements. I choose this daily, until something better comes along (and when I mean better, it had better be a 10/10 possible gold stars of better- not just 'tempting'). I've got great will-power, and don't find too many things tempt me.
Eat what makes you happy, and be happy about what you eat...

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