Thursday, October 9, 2008

Raw Brownies

No, that is not a picture of a brownie...
I ran across a recipe for raw brownies from Ginger Lemon Girl, another GF blogger. She does not follow a Raw Food Diet, but plays with her food like so many other bloggers with dietary restrictions. You must try these brownies- no cook, choclatey and dense. There is no sugar aside from the natural fruit sugars, and the only fat comes from the nuts you use. I added coconut butter to mine, for flavour, but that is optional. They are versatile- can be brownies in a pan, or small, molded bites or balls. They only take about 5 min to process together, and 10 min to firm in your refrigerator if you wish. You can find the original recipe and photo of Ginger Lemon Girl's brownie bites at her fabulous blog. You'll have to go there to get a visual of these delights as mine were devoured far too fast for food styling photography. They were also quite the conversation piece while we were mowing them down- it's great to bring a different treat to the office. Here is my recipe, adapted:

Raw Brownies
1/2c frozen almonds
1/2c frozen pecans
1/2c dates, soaked in warm water for 5 minutes, or overnight in fridge
3 Tbsp best quality cocoa butter (you'll want to go good on this, the cocoa taste is defined only by the cocoa)
1/2Tbsp coconut butter
3Tbsp agave nectar
Process frozen almonds and pecans in a food processor until they form a fine meal- use a blender if you don't have a processor. Add dates, cocoa, coconut butter and agave nectar. Process until you have a thick, uniformly cocoa-colored mass. Press into a loaf pan or mini-muffin tin, or roll into balls and refridgerate.
If you like those Brownie Bites, then try this recipe instead next time you are craving that chocolate bite.

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