Thursday, October 2, 2008

I am my healthiest when...

Do you know when you are at your peak performance level? When are you the most healthy, the most 'well'? I returned from my business trip to Boulder at the healthiest I have been in years, and I began to wonder why that was. I ate out every meal, I enjoyed one glass of wine a day, I indulged in chocolate and gluten free brownies or cookies every day. I didn't even do any cardio! No cardio for 5 whole days!
I returned from my next business trip to Vancouver in the worst state I've been in since I began healing months ago. So I began looking at the similarities and differences between my states of being between those two trips and I came up with a list which outlines when I am at my most healthy or well. This will be a path for me to take each day, so I ensure that when I climb into bed for my much-needed rest I can lie with the notion that I have become healthier, happier and better that day.
To create your own list, think about when you were the healthiest in your life- not when you looked your best, although it was probably also true. When you are healthy- you glow. Disregard weight, or how skinny/fat you were or are. You will know when you felt the greatest, when you were at your peak. Write a list of what you did at that time to create such a great force within yourself...and follow those simple steps, day to day. This can eliminate the need for dieting, and self-deprivation. It can free you of the emotional and intellectual burden of stress around confidence and self-esteem.
My list is here:
I am most healthy when...
1. I meditate every morning
2. I complete sun salutations every morning
3. I walk
4. I think positively about my beauty and intellect
5. I open my heart and personal space to those around me, even strangers
6. I enjoy a glass of wine, or the highest quality chocolate without guilt or retribution
7. I put good care for myself above all else
8. I use sesame oil on my face and body instead of soap every morning and night
9. I eat no glutenous foods
10. I eat slowly and with great awareness and gratitude
11. I do not restrict foods and enjoy treats
12. I eat every 4-5 hours
13. I eat fresh melons, berries, and other watery fruit and vegetables like peppers, cucumbers and mushrooms
14. I start the day with yogurt, fruit, protein and cereal
15. I do limited stressful physical activity
16. I hold good posture with poise
17. I relax
18. I do not stress my skin
19. I live according to my mantra: To serve others as the most peaceful and healthy person I can be
When I'm at my healthiest, I am free from the nagging thoughts that I'm not thin enough, that I'm not working hard enough on my appearance, that all my efforts result in not...and I walk each step like I'm on a catwalk.

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