Sunday, May 2, 2010

Weekly Nutrition

So this is again, pretty simple. I'll post again later today, showing the process of getting all this food ready for the week. It's easy to stick to a plan, when you prep ahead of time.

Breakfast: Greenie Smoothie (includes big handfuls of spinach, 1c frozen berries, 1 frozen banana and water.) If I have a high-activity day then I add about 1/8c raw organic uncontaminated (gluten-free) oats or 1Tbsp hemp seeds.
Mid-Morning: 1/2 c (measured raw) uncontaminated oats, or 1/8c (measured raw) creamy rice cereal. Cutting out the raisins this week- I tend to reduce sugar the week of my period to reduce carb cravings.
Lunch: 2/3c beans and rice mixture, 2c organic green leafy salad with oil and vinegar dressing
Mid-Afternoon: 2c raw vegetables (broccoli and carrots), and 1/2c hummus
Supper: Big Salad! with toppings like avocado and sunflower seeds
Post Work-out: 1/2 serving plain vega in water

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