Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Sugar-Free Commitment

Oh! Woe! Work has pillaged the village and burnt the crops of my healthy little lifestyle I've had going for me. The last week, and the upcoming 3 more are the sprint of my year. Trying to schedule even 30 minute breaks in my calendar to hit the gym is impossible. So I'm doing more in the mornings before work- mostly yoga and cardio. The treadmill is a great place to get your readings done for grad class.
Worse though, is the reaction my body is having to the un-nutritious food I've been ingesting over the last 6 days. Handfuls of wine gums, jelly beans and jube jubes during the day, and wine with clients in the evenings. I've resurrected my sugar addiction. This weekend I made a batch of chocolate cupcakes with peanut butter icing, and my husband and I finished them all off the two of us.
My skin is breaking out, my eczema is growing in severity, my scalp is dry, hair frizzy and energy levels at the lowest I've felt in years.
So it's fall clean-up time. For the next 18 days, I'm am committing to a sugar-free detox. Not a diet, but a new habit to replace my sugar reachings.
So here is how it's going to work:
No sugar: cut out the candy and baking
No sugar alternatives (honey, agave nectar, fruit): no sweetening my morning oats with these
No artificial sweeteners (Spenda, aspartame etc.): no diet pops or crystal light
I've done this before, and gotten off a sugar-craving cycle so I look forward to doing this. And hopefully, this will help me survive this upcoming hectic work schedule. Tightening my nutrition when I know I can't get the time to work out will help maintain a physique I commit to having.

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Sue-Zee said...

I'm impressed--and I totally know how you feel. I find that my 'munching' is sometimes so habitual that I don't even know that I'm doing it. I have been detoxing for the last week, and I am amazed at my energy level. I sometimes curse this culture of ours that places us in the way of propaganda that encourages fast fixes and food purely for pleasure.
It is a hard lesson to learn, but I am gradually understanding that the only way to truly have pleasure in your life is to treat your body with care and respect. Unfortunately, ju jubes and gummy bears don't seem to embody those ideals. Keep it coming Jade! And good luck in your commitment!

Everyday Yogini said...

Jade - thank you so much for the warm wishes on the coaching! I appreciate the comments... also, I love your blog! The high-energy info about how you are becoming the person you want to be is marvelous! Thank you for sharing your journey... xoxo